Signing Time Full Collection Designed for Baby 3-36 Month Old

Published: 31st August 2010
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------ Designed specifically for babies 3-36 months old US$89.07 Signing Time Full Collection DVD Boxset on

Baby Signing Time is for baby to learning sign language. Many parents repent of having their babies missed the prime time to learn sign language under age of 1 years. Actually, parents can still help babies to learn sign language after 1 years old, just with Signing Time Full Collection.

US$89.07 Signing Time Full Collection DVD Boxset

Signing Time Full Collection includes more vocabulary words and more complicated songs, which will help them learn to communicate by sign language, speed up their language development and also learn more words. Moreover, Signing Time Full Collection comes much richer in content, designed for all children aged till preschool age and new discs produced all the time.

Designed specially for baby 3-36 months old, Signing Time Full Collection makes learn sign language much easier and funner by combining songs and animation, and with signing babies aged 2 and under. Signing Time Full Collection gives reinforcement to beginners in learning sign language. And, it also provides our little friends with a good basis for learning sign language. And, it is a special gift for babies as well, isnít it?

Now, letís see whatís in this boxset ---

The Signing Time Full Collection includes EVERYTHING we have to offer - DVDs, books, flash cards, music CDs, and limited edition mini plush Hopkins! You'll learn over 600 specific signs in this set, and through songs and special features, you'll be introduced to over 1000 signs! This is the largest available library of entertaining sign language products of its kind. More details please see here:

Designing for 3-36 months old but fun for all, you and your child can start learning today!

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